“MHCP Quick Check” function for quick check of CHAS and SFL eligibility from 16 Oct 2019

From 16 Oct 2019, you will be able to check for CHAS patients’ eligibility and balance information via a new function “MHCP Quick Check”. This function allows clinics to have faster access to the information with 1FA (1-factor-authentification) login via the clinic’s UEN/Entity ID, CorpPass ID and Password. At the query page, clinics may choose to scan the barcode of the patient’s NRIC, instead of typing the NRIC.

Select “MHCP Quick Check” from the dropdown list after clicking the “Select Login” button on MHCP login page to access to “MHCP Quick Check” function.

Please note that you would need to select “MHCP Portal” function via 2FA if you need to access to other functions in MHCP.

*Important Note: Access to the 1FA login requires the assignment of eServices (MOH - MHCP1FACP) to the users accounts via the CorpPass Portal (www.corppass.gov.sg) the clinic's CorpPass Admin.

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